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 Welcome to the best 9mm pistol site. Hopefully the information provided is useful. Your input is always welcome.

Deep Unbiased Reviews.
My Favorite Magazine!

Most of you will not agree with this list. You can shuffle the best 9mm list and still have good results. The difference between the #1 pistol and the last pistol is so minor. We are really splitting hairs here. Don't put too much weight on this list. The very best 9mm pistol, is the one that shoots the best for you.

So you want a .40 S&W insted of 9mm? Most of the pistols listed are also available in .40 caliber. This could be a best 40 S&W site, as the same best 9mm pistols are normally the best chambered for .40 S&W.
Why 9mm? The 9mm luger, also called the 9mm Parabellum or 9x19, is the most popular caliber in the world for carry pistols. More pistols are chambered in 9mm than any other caliber. According to FBI testing, the quality 9mm JHP ammo rivals the 40 S&W and 45 ACP in stopping power. Another plus is the low cost for ammunition. Only the 22 long rifle ammo cost less.

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Favorite 9mm ammo? None really. When Wal-Mart has the Winchester 100ct white box or Remington UMC on sale, I will buy every box in the store. For defense, I would pick any brand of 124gr or 147gr jacketed Hollow Point (JHP). The terminal performance is about the same for the cheap stuff as the premium.
So many Plastic Guns! I don't know if I can get excited about plastic. First thing that comes to mind is the life span of a plastic trash can.
A really cool feature with some polymer framed pistols, is you can swap out the backstraps to fit different hand sizes. This feature combined with the less felt recoil makes for a great wifey pistol.

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The Super Nines. If you are a handloader you may want to take a look at the super nines. This includes the 9x23, 38 super, and 357 Sig. The 124g bullet from one of the super nines is faster than the 125gr 357 magnum in a snubbie revolver. The 38 super is a combat favorite. The 357 Sig is gaining popularity as a police cartridge, thus making ammo easy to find.
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Ask the trailer park manager about abandoned mobile homes. You may get one for free, and only have the cost of getting it to your property. An used mobile home makes for an excellent 15 yard indoor range. Make sure to lock the front door and use plenty of sandbags or railroad ties! The exhaust fan above the oven sucks out the smoke and fumes.

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The rules: The guns must be great shooters, reliable, good quality, and cost less than $650 USD new from a gun dealer. The $650 rule will exclude many fine 9mm pistols and competition guns. If you don't agree or have other choices, you can sound off in the Guest Book. Enjoy.

Note: The haggle price is the best deal you should get from your local dealer.

Best 9mm Pistol
1. CZ 75 SP-01: Haggle Price $600-$630
Steel frame. Weight: 39.0 oz., Barrel: 4.61", Magazine: 18 rounds
My CZ 75b has over 10,000 rounds through it and is still going strong. I say this because the SP-01 is an improved verson of the CZ 75b. No other pistol has shocked the combat shooting world like the SP-01. World Champions Adam Tyc and Angus Hobdell showed us what this gun could do. As a range champion or tearing up a combat course, the SP-01 has no peers. If you are just an average shooter, the SP-01 could change your game. I showed up at a regional police combat meet that was open to trainers too. All those cops with their plastic duty pistols started screaming foul after I won the first round. There is also an Tactical version with a decocker saftey. There are tuning parts available for the SP-01 if you want to build a hot-rod. Allow about 500 rounds for break-in. Ditto for the straight shooting CZ 75b, and CZ 85B.
CZ SP-01 Page CZ SP-01 in Combat

2. EAA Witness Elite Match: Haggle Price $570-$600
Steel frame. Weight: 40.0 oz., Barrel: 4.75", Magazine: 17 rounds
I debated to list the Witness Elite Match here, because many think it is a borderline race gun, instead of a carry pistol. I put it here because it is a premium shooter at a good price. The Witness Elite Match is single action only with a thumb saftey. It is safe to carry it cocked and locked just like an 1911 service pistol. The SA trigger is so very good. The fit and finsh is way above other Tanfoglio Witness pistols. In fact the fit quality is better than about any gun on this page; just like it came out of a custom shop! At 40 ounces, it is about the same size and weight as an M1911-A1 when loaded. You may not want to carry it in a holster all day. The Elite Match will make you the envy of the range when you start chewing out bullseyes! The Elite Match also comes chambered in 40 SW, 45 ACP, 38 Super, and 10mm.
EAA Handguns Witness Elite Match Overview Lady In Combat Video

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3. Walther PPQ: Haggle Price $540-$570
Polymer frame. Weight: 24.0 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 15 rounds
This German made Walther has the best striker fired trigger of any duty carry handgun. Use care as the only saftey is the trigger, just like the Glock. The ergonomics are just like the Walther p99, which is perfect. Choice of three backstraps for hand fitment. When Walther decided to make a new striker fired pistol, they pulled out all the stops. Before you buy any new pistol, you must try the Walther PPQ first. It handles and shoots so good, it is like you are in a dream where every shot goes where you want it. Another plus is the PPQ is priced right with the Glock and Beretta pistols. It is a Walther, so quality is right up there with Heckler & Koch. The new M2 version has a button magazine release. The new 5 inch barrel PPQ models are kicking butt in matches!
Walther PPQ Page PPQ Video Review PPQ In Combat

4. Springfield XDm 4.5": Haggle Price $550-$580
Polymer frame. Weight: 29.0 oz., Barrel: 4.50", Magazine: 19 rounds
Spending only $100 extra for the XDm over the standard XD is one heck of a bargain! The XDm I tested was brand spanking new and the trigger has very little take-up with a short reset. So nice! I could not believe I was shooting a DOA striker fired pistol! It should be classified as a single action! The match grade barrel, two 19 round mags, plus all the extra goodies that come with the XDm are another plus. You can swap out the rear grips to fit your hand better too. Don't get me wrong here, as the standard Springfield XD is a very fine pistol. Springfield pulled out all the stops with the XDm and built close to the perfect handgun. It just shoots so good! I was having so much fun, I went through $50 worth of ammo in minutes. The XDm is excellent for combat. The handy dandy XDm 3.8" model is a popular choice for police duty. Also available in 40 S&W.
XDm Page Springfield XDm Review video

5. Heckler & Koch VP9: Haggle Price $610-$640
Polymer frame. Weight: 25.6 oz., Barrel: 4.09", Magazine: 15 rounds
Can you believe a premium quality HK pistol made our list? I have always had great love for HK handguns. One of my favorites was an 45 USP Compact I could not wear out. The new VP9 striker fired pistol is priced just low enough to make our list. Even though the Heckler & Koch VP9 is primary for the LE market, it is an awesome shooter for us weekend guys too. The test VP9 belongs to a deputy buddy, so I only spent 30 minutes with it at the range. It is a good shooter and feeds everything. The H&K VP9 has a decent trigger with little takeup and clean break. It can't match the Walther PPQ trigger, but still very good. When you consider the price of other HK handguns, the VP9 is a bargain. The prices should drop more once the pipeline is full. I do plan to buy one for myself and shoot the heck out of it.
HK USA Website H&K VP9 Review video

6. Walther P99 AS: Haggle Price $530-$560
Polymer frame. Weight: 24.0 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 15 rounds
The Walther P99 grips so good. It feels like it belongs in your hand. The P99 trigger is great for a striker fired gun and would get an 9 out of 10 rating. The trigger in SA mode is short and crisp like an 1911 combat pistol! At the range the Walther P99 feeds all ammo just great with no jams. The poly stock takes the recoil abuse and is good for all day shooting. You have 3 backstrap choices for hand fitment too. The P99 is the perfect police carry hangun, and shoots better than most 4" barrel pistol on the market. At less than 24 ounces empty, the P99 could work well for concealed carry too. You get 2 mags, plus some extra front sights. The Magnum Research MR9 Eagle is close to the same gun, but cost less. I love the MR9 stainless slide. I won a meet last year with a MR9!
Walther P99 Page P99 Combat Video MRI MR9 Eagle

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7. Baby Eagle II BE9915R: Haggle Price $540-$570
Steel frame. Weight: 41.6 oz., Barrel: 4.52", Magazine: 15 rounds
The MRI Baby Desert Eagle is all steel with a 4.52" barrel. Handles just like the CZ 75, but more solid. Very good shooter with a strong heavy feel to it. About 500 rounds for break-in. I love shooting this baby. The good trigger and solid feel makes this the ultimate double-tap pistol. It is as close to the perfect shooter as you can get. The MRI Baby Eagle is a good choice for combat competition. I would have ranked it with the CZ SP-01 if the exterior finish was better. Overall quality is great. The Baby Eagle is built to last a lifetime. The Isralies sure know how to make fine firearms. Also known as the IWI Jericho 941. Note: MRI is importing them again!
Baby Eagle Range Time Magnum Research Website

8. Beretta 92FS (Commercial): Haggle Price $570-$600
Alloy frame. Weight: 33.3 oz., Barrel: 4.90", Magazine: 15 rounds
Great performance on the range. This is a man's pistol. A true warrior that replaced the 45 ACP 1911 service pistol. The Beretta M9 (or 92FS) is the most tested pistol since the M1911-A1. Used by the U.S. Military and thousands of poilce officers. Beretta 92 pistols with over 75,000 rounds have been reported. This solid designed pistol is what replaced so many police revolvers. Nothing shoots better than a well used Beretta 92FS. Allow about 300 rounds for break-in. Good long range pistol. I can hit the 50 yard gong over and over again. Easy to find magazines and holsters for this popular gun. The Italian made ones are tight! See the new 92-A1 with 1913 Picatinny rail.
Beretta USA Unofficial Beretta Site 92FS In Combat. WOW!

9. Taurus PT 92: Haggle Price $430-$460
Alloy frame. Weight: 34.0 oz., Barrel: 5.00", Magazine: 17 rounds
The stainless steel model is awesome ($25 more). This Beretta 92 clone is just as good as the Beretta in every way. Taurus made some good changes to the Beretta design; like putting the safety lever on the frame. Reliably feeds every brand of 9mm ammo including Wolf and Blazers. With the 5" barrel, it is a tack-driver. Allow a few hundred rounds for break-in. Don't pay attention to all the disinformation from Beretta snobs. The PT92 is a very high quality piece! The only thing cheap about the Taurus PT 92 is the price. The PT 92 must be one of the best pistol bargains in the industry, and an economical way to get into combat shooting. Sure is pretty. The PT92 is the best gun Taurus makes. Spend some time at the range with the Beretta 92 and this Taurus. Then you will become a believer too.
Taurus Website PT92 Video

10. Sig Sauer P320 Full Size: Haggle Price $530-$560
Polymer frame. Weight: 29.4 oz.(W/Mag), Barrel: 4.70", Magazine: 17
Sig got it right with their first striker fired pistol. Can you say modular, man! The P320 can be converted from a full size to a carry pistol using a kit. Slide-barrel conversion kit allows the P320 to change between calibers and barrel lengths. Want a different gun? The conversion kits cost about $285. You can swap out grip frames for hand fitment too. Cost about $45 to do it. Glock snobs will hate the high bore axis. Everyone else will love the way it shoots. The trigger feels good and compares well to the Glock and XDm. The P320 is a little heavy for a polymer framed handgun. This is just the Sig way to insure quality and accuracy. Beat cops will want the smaller Carry version with the 3.9" barrel. If you liked the P250, you will love the P320. Nitron sights and two mags included.
Sig P320 Page Sig P320 Press Video

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11. Glock 17 Gen 4: Haggle Price $530-$560
Polymer frame. Weight: 25.06 oz., Barrel: 4.48", Magazine: 17 rounds
The Gen 4 pistols are the best shooting Glocks ever! A nice feature with the Gen 4 series is the 3 backstrap choices to fit different hand sizes. This feature is the biggest selling point for me. Older Glocks feel like you are holding a block of wood, while the Gen 4 series molds right into your hand. Glock 17 range performance is very good and the trigger is almost accetable for combat. The Gen 4 feels like it has less recoil than the old model. Glock has a proven durability history and is one of the most popular police carry guns. Glock does have a cult following, and ranking it #11 will upset many. If you want a Glock range champion, spend the extra cash for the awesome G34; or make your Glock 17 shoot like a G34 with the inexpensive Ghost Rocket 3.5 LB Trigger Kit! Also check out the 22 ounce Gen 4 G19 with a 4" barrel. It is the same gun as the G17, but shorter on both ends. The cheaper G3 models would rank right here too.
Glock Site Glock Gen 4 Review Shooting Glock Gen4 IDPA

12. Lionheart LH9N-MKII: Haggle Price $620-$650
Alloy frame. Weight: 26.4 oz., Barrel: 4.10", Magazine: 15 rounds
It has been a long time since a new gun created this much excitement. The Lionheart pistols are not really that new. Remember the Korean Daewoo pistols from 25 years ago? The Daewoo was a good knockoff of the awesome S&W 5903. The Smith & Wesson 59 series were some of the best cop guns ever made. In fact the new Lionheart LH9N-MKII accepts the S&W 59 series pistol magazines! The Double Action Plus+ Action is unique to Lionheart. it can function as a single action, long travel single action, or standard DA/SA. Love the trigger! The Lionheart LH9N-MKII has an alloy frame and is lighter than many polymer handguns. The Novak sights are cool. I love how it feels in the holster, and I love the way it shoots. Just awesome!
Lionheart LH9N-MKII Page Lionheart Pistol Review video

13. FN Herstal FNX-9: Haggle Price $470-$500 (black)
Polymer frame. Weight: 21.9 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 17 rounds
Get the stainless model for $80 more. Made in USA! The FNX-9 is an upgraded version of the FNP-9, and the FNP-9 was one of the best holster guns you could get! Rumor is FN Herstal is gunning for US military contracts, and the FNX-9 could be the pistol to unseat the Beretta M9. The FNX still has the old school DA/SA trigger with a decocker saftey, and this is good. There is just something about a crisp single action trigger that a stiker fired pistol cant match. The FNX feels very good in the hand and you can change grip fitment with extra backstraps provided. Magazines are tight and take some time to break-in. Keep the mags completely loaded for a week and all will be fine. The FNX is so lighweight, it feels kind of cheap. However nothing ever breaks. We have not had a chance to try the FN Herstal FNS-9 striker fired pistol yet. The FNS should be a good one!
Note: When price shopping, you have to figure that FNH pistols come with THREE magazines!
FNH USA Site FNX-9 Video Review New FNS Striker Action

14. S&W M&P 9mm: Haggle Price $450-$480
Polymer frame. Weight: 24.0 oz., Barrel: 4.25", Magazine: 17 rounds
This is no Sigma! If you like poly framed guns, this Smith is one of the best shooters. It is accurate as a steel framed pistol. The balance is perfect considering it weighs only 24oz. You can tell it will be a good shooter just by holding it in your hand. The M&P trigger pull is about 6.5 pounds. The M&P uses a trigger safety. You have a choice of 3 backstraps so you can tune it to fit your hand just right. Follow-up shots are so quick. The fit and finish is excellent. The M&P would be a top choice as a competition or police carry gun. It looks mean too. The M&P replaced all the premium steel cop guns in the Smith and Wesson line, so you know it is good! Spend the extra $80 for the M&P Pro Series with the good trigger and better sights. Another option is the Apex Tactical Trigger Kit that will give you a crisp combat trigger in the 3 pound range.
S&W Site Lady Competition Shooter

15. Beretta PX4: Haggle Price $500-$530
Polymer frame. Weight: 27.7 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 17 rounds
The PX4 Storm wins the award for the most pretty pistol. Design, fit and finish is excellent. You can swap out backstraps to make it fit your hand better. It the hand, it points and feels like the perfect pistol. The bigger 92FS is a better long range shooter, but the PX4 is better for carry. Allow about 300 rounds before the trigger smoothes out. I like the common DA/SA as found on most steel guns. With the rotating barrel and poly frame, recoil is almost nothing. It kicks like a .380! My wife just loves this gun. I also had the chance to shoot a PX4 in .40 S&W, and the recoil was only a little bit more. The PX4 Storm is gaining popularity as a cop gun. Good choice for combat too. Have you noticed the best combat shooters have dish-pan hands. Dish washing may be the trick. PX4 Storm Review PX4 Combat Video

16. CZ P07 Omega: Haggle Price $450-$480
Polymer frame. Weight: 27.1 oz., Barrel: 3.80", Magazine: 15 rounds
This is a nice duty size carry pistol from CZ. Just like the CZ 75b, the P07 will gobble cheap ammo all day long. With the new P07, you can swap out backstraps for hand fitment. This is just what the P07 needed to be a one-size-fits-all service pistol. The 2014 makeover includes more grip on the slide and new trigger. Sweet shooter at a good price! We are hair splitting ranking the P07 #16. The new P07 is just as good as the 2 above handguns. The others just had a head start. Many shooters are saying the P07 is the best carry gun you can buy. If you are a cop or security officer on a tight budget, the P07 is high on value! The new CZ P-09 is the same as the P-07, but with 4.53 inch barrel and longer grip with 19 round capacity! The P09 is the Phantom replacement, so it should be a darn good shooter. I will do a seperate review for the P-09 when I get my hands on one.
CZ P-07 Duty Page New vs Older Model P07 Video

17. Sig Sauer Pro SP2022: Haggle Price $420-$450
Polymer frame. Weight: 29.0 oz., Barrel: 3.90", Magazine: 15 rounds
Sig Pro SP2022 prices have come down to the bargin bin zone! For the price of a Taurus, you can own a Sig! Buy the integral fire control unit ($45) and change the pistol from DA/SA mode to DAO if you want. No break-in needed, as the single action trigger pull is very smooth and just over 4 pounds. Recoil is very light, plus you can tune the SP2022 to fit your hand by swapping out the grip frame ($45). Accuracy is excellent and on par with metal framed handguns. At 29 ounces, the Sig Pro SP2022 is a little heavy for a polymer framed pistol this size. In fact it weighs more than the CZ P-01 metal framed pistol. It must have the beef in the right places because the US military uses the SP2022. With a decocker and 15 round magazine, it is an excellent cop gun. (Only one magazine comes with the gun) Also available in 40 S&W.
Sig Arms Sp2022 Review Sig Pro SP2022 Video

18. CZ 75 P-01: Haggle Price $560-$590
Alloy frame. Weight: 27.2 oz., Barrel: 3.90", Magazine: 14 rounds
NATO certified! The NATO testing revealed that the CZ P01 can survive 30,000 rounds of hot 9mm ball ammo! Try that with a plastic gun! The P-01 has a 3.9" barrel, decocker, and is light as many polymer handguns. At only 27.2 ounces, the alloy framed P-01 would make a nice concealed carry, or detective pistol. The trigger reach is closer than the 75b, making a good choice for smaller hands. Excellent trigger. The NATO certification is a big deal, as most pistols on the market can't pass the testing! The P01 is a real gem of a handgun and made to last a lifetime. Also see CZ 75 D PCR Compact. People are saying I am ranking the P01 too low on this list.
CZ P-01 Review Video

19. Ruger SR9: Haggle Price $410-$440
Polymer frame. Weight: 26.5 oz., Barrel: 4.14", Magazine: 17 rounds
I just spent some time with the new SR9 with the "D" shaped mag release button, and wow! The third release of the SR9 is a winner! I like the trigger better than the Glock! It shoots worlds better and is very accurate. Zero malfunctions in 300 rounds! The grip is slimmer than a 1911 single stack, even though the magazine holds 17 rounds. It has a thumb safety and tactical rail. The SR9 points like a Hi-Power and the sights are first rate. You can tune it to point like a Glock by flipping the backstrap. Police chiefs that buy weapons in mass should take a hard look at the SR9, as it is a darn good gun. Plus the price is right. For under $30, you can install the Ghost Rocket 3.5lb Trigger Connector and end up with a competition shooter! With the Ghost Trigger Bar, you get a tight trigger pull under 4 pounds and ready for combat! SR9 Ghost Rocket Trigger Connector
Personal SR9 Review Video

20. Springfield XD9 Service 4": Haggle Price $440-$470
Polymer frame. Weight: 26.1 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 16 rounds
Springfield's little factory in Croatia is turning out some awesome firearms! The 4 inch barrel XD9 Service pistol is a popular handgun for police and security use. Safety and reliability have always been the two biggest selling points. There is no thumb safety you have to think about. Just pull it out of your holster and shoot. The 1911 type grip saftey combined with the trigger safety is all you need. Years ago one of the gun magazines did a 20,000 round torture test on the XD9 and they could not kill it! The 4" XD may not be the most accurate range pistol ever made, but it is durable and should provide many years of service. It feels really good in the hand and is a natural pointer. Also available in 40 S&W.
XD Service Model Springfield XD Sales Video

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Some 9mm pistols I have not tested:
  • CZ P09. Full size polymer frame pistol with 20 round capacity. Oh my Gosh! In California you would have to register it as two guns!
  • FN FNS-9. Many people say this is the best striker fire pistol on the market. We will see.
  • Springfield XDS 4 Inch. I love concealed carry guns that shoot good at the range.
  • Diamondback DB FS Nine full size duty pistol. Weighs 21.5 ounces and looks so darn mean.
  • Caracal CP660 9mm. Caracal Firearms is a joint effort by Merkel in Germany and made in U.A.E.
  • Steyr M9-A1. Steyr pistols owners are like Glock Fanatics! The Steyr M9-A1 is hard to find.
  • BUL Full-Sized Cherokee. The BUL looks like the Witness Polymer, but made in Israel.
  • Tisas Pistols. Tisas makes a full line of quality pistols from Turkey. The CS-9 looks promising.

    Other 9mm Handguns

    Years ago I owned a Daewoo DP51 (K5) pistol. It was a very good shooter and the quality was excellent. I would bet the Daewoo DP51 could be in the top 15 as it would gobble ammo with no problems. The fast action mode was cool. I do remember the Daewoo DP51 had a very good trigger. I wish I could have this one back. Update: The new Lionheart pistols are a Daewoo revival! DP51 Info

  • Ruger P89. One of Ruger's best made handguns of all time. Ruger's answer to the Beretta M9 service pistol. Out of production, but you may still find some new at gun shows and dealers. Ditto for the P93.

  • The Turkish Invasion. With half a dozen gun makers in Turkey, you are going to be seeing knockoffs of the Beretta 92, 1911, High Power, CZ 75, and Sigs, at very affordable prices. I am sure some will be high quality, while others will be junk. This could be more fun than when the Chinese pistols were being imported.

  • The 1911 9mm Pistols. We are sorry there are no M1911-A1 type 9mm pistols on our top 20 list. A tuned 1911 will out-shoot about every pistol in the top 20! The limited magazine capacity will put a single stack 1911 in the night stand gun catagory, just like a revolver. The best one I have shot so far is the Rock Island GI 1911 9MM. I am sure the Taurus PT 1911 is a very good shooter too. Update: We have the Rock Island on "Next Page".

  • 9mm Revolvers. Revolvers chambered for the 9x19 make a lot of sense if you are sharing ammo with a semi-auto pistol. Do not buy a 9mm revolver as a primary weapon. The moon clips to hold the shells are a real pain. Get an 38 special instead. The 38 special +P cartridge compares well to the 9mm in a short 2 inch barrel. For women, a 9mm revolver might be good because of less recoil. Some revolvers that have been made in 9mm: Taurus 905, Charter Arms Pit Bull, S&W 940, and Ruger SP101. Note: Ruger just started making a little concealed carry revolver in 9mm.
  • Great buys on Used Cop Guns. Many very good pistols too expensive for our list, can be bought in excellent used condition. Many police departments get new pistols every year, and only have a few thousand rounds through the trade-ins. These guns are so well built, they are just getting broke-in. Look for any S&W metal framed pistols with the 5906 being the top prize. Any Beretta is good as parts are easy to get. Sig Sauer P6, P225, P226 and P229 are awesome. The Kahr T9 is a high quality piece. H&K USP is one of the best. Any used Glock is a deal because replacement parts are so cheap. You can find all of these in the $300-$500 price range used. I know there are some dealers in the Louisville area that specialize in used police pistols.

  • The Makarov pistol is available in the shorter 9x18. It is hard to get one new. Many Makarov pistols are sold in unissued and used condition for $130-$250. This russian military sidearm has been produced in many eastern european countries. The Makarov has a cult following and for a good reason. The reliability and performance is awesome. I fired one at the range and thought I was James Bond. Because of the bastard (9x18) 9mm Makarov caliber, and difficulty getting a new one, it is not in the top 25 list.
  • Legal Disclaimer
    The website is about the best 9mm guns for sport shooting and practice shooting at paper targets. Any representations made by our website are from our own personal experiences. Your results will depend on your individual capacity and skill level. Handguns can be dangerous if not handled properly and can cause injury or death. We advise those new to this sport to spend time learning gun safety from an experience shooter or instructor. This website is a journalistic news and information document, and does not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks.









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