New Best 9mm Pistols 2020

New Best 9mm Pistols 2020

 New 2020 best 9mm pistols official site. We rank the 35 top 9mm handguns you can buy for police, home self defense, target shooting, and concealed carry.
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The rules: The best 9mm pistols you can buy must be great shooters, good quality, and cost less than $650 new from a gun dealer. ★ = Top choice for all day police carry.
Note: The price shown is the best haggle deal you should get from a dealer.
Luger Ammo

1. CZ 75 SP-01: Haggle Price $590-$620

Steel frame. Weight: 39.0 oz., Barrrel: 4.61", Magazine: 18
My CZ 75b has over 10,000 rounds through it and is still going strong. I say this because the SP-01 is an improved verson of the CZ 75b. No other handgun has shocked the combat shooting world like the SP-01. World Champions Adam Tyc and Angus Hobdell showed us what this gun could do. As a range champion or tearing up a combat course, the SP-01 has no peers. If you are just an average shooter, the SP-01 could change your game. There is also an Tactical version with a decocker saftey you can buy. Note: The tactical trigger is a little stiff and gritty until you get it broke-in good. There are tuning parts available for the SP-01 if you want to build a hot-rod. Tactical Review SP-01 in Combat
variant: The straight shooting 9mm CZ 75b ranks here too. However the 75b trigger reach is too much for smaller hands. There is still debate if the 75b or SP-01 is the most accurate handgun. Both have low recoil and will gobble all the crap ammo you can feed them. The 75b is about $65 less. CZ 75b Video
variant: SP-01 Phantom (not pictured). The Phantom is a polymer framed version of the SP-01 Tactical, but weighs 10 ounces less. Included are backstraps for hand fitment. The Phantom is about $60 cheaper too. Also see the CZ P09, as it can do everything the Phantom can do, plus it has the Omega trigger! CZ Phantom page
variant: ★ CZ P-01 and PCR Compact. Alloy framed pistols light as many plastic guns. The P-01 is NATO certified. This is a big deal, as most pistols on the market can't pass the testing! Also see CZ 75 D PCR Compact as it is the same, less accessory rail. The PCR is cheaper too. CZ P-01 Review Video See Awesome CZ PCR
CZ SP-01
CZ SP-01 handgun
CZ 75b

CZ P-01

2. Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0: $430-$460.

Polymer frame. Wt: 24.7 oz., Barrel: 4.25", Mag: 17
Watch for rebates!!! The hype from Smith and Wesson was 100% right on. The M&P M2.0 is no doubt the best 9mm polymer framed handgun you can buy. It comes with four backstrap choices for hand fitment. You get two 17 round magazines. The trigger has a long take-up for the first shot as a safety feature. Follow-up shots have a short reset (snick-snick-snick). Trigger pull is on par with the Walther PPQ and HK VP9. There are already shooters out there with over 5,000 trouble free rounds. You get a choice of models with or without the thumb safety. Most old Smith & Wesson M&P holsters, sights, and magazines fit the M2.0. Ergonomics are as good as any pistol made. It feels so good in the hand. It can be a range champion, or open carry duty pistol. For you plate runners, there is a version with a longer slide and 5" barrel. I doubt there will ever be a Smith & Wesson M&P M3.0. How can they make it better? M2.0 Review Video M&P M2.0 TV Ad
variant: ★ The Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact is the pistol I have been dreaming about all my life. It is not really a compact, but handy dandy duty size. It compares well to the Glock 19 in size and weight. Four inch barrel and 15 round magazines. The ergos and trigger are the same as the full size. Police will love it. Also available in 40 caliber. NEW for 2019 The Smith & Wesson M2.0 Compact also comes in a 3.6" barrel version. Compact M2.0 Review Glock 19 vs M&P Compact
variant: Original full size Smith & Wesson M&P. Yes, they are still making it. There is still demand for the original M&P from their law enforcement customers. With a Trigger Kit installed, the Original M&P can shoot with the best. Also see the M&P Pro Series, as you get a competition trigger with better sights, ready for combat.
Smith and Wesson Website M&P Review Video Lady Competition Shooter

M&P M2.0

M2.0 Compact
Original M&P
Smith Wesson M-P semi auto pistol

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3. Grand Power K100 MK12: $460-$490

Polymer frame. Wt: 26.1 oz. w/o mag, Barrel: 4.25", Mag: 15 (16)
I am in love folks! What makes the Grand Power so great? Accuracy? The Grand Power K100 is one of the most accurate production service pistol you can buy. The rotating barrel, low recoil, tight fit, and competition quality trigger are the reasons why. Ergonomics? The 9mm K100 MK12 feels so good in the hand. It point and grips like the CZ 75b, only better. Four backstraps are included. Quality? The materials, machining, and fit is custom shop grade. The slide and metal parts are nitride impregnated. Very beefy slide rails. The steel inner chassis is very rigid. The Grand Power K100 exceeded the brutal 30,000 round test required by the European powers. It feels and shoots like an $1000 tuned gun. My leather Sig P226 holster fits perfect. If you snip the center post on the follower bottom, you can load 17 rounds. There is also the P1 version for police duty carry. It is the same as the K100, but with a shorter slide and 3.7" barrel. The P1 mags also hold 15 rounds. K100 Mk12 Video Review K100 expert in Pakistan
variant: Grand Power Q100. Striker fired version of the K100 above. The size, weight, and magazine are the same. I read that it has a light and smooth 4.3 pound trigger pull. I can't wait to get my hands on one to test. Q100 Review

Grand Power

4. Glock 17 Gen 4: $500-$530

Polymer frame. Weight: 25.06 oz., Barrel: 4.48", Magazine: 17 rounds
The Gen 4 pistols are the best shooting Glocks ever! A nice feature with the Gen 4 series is the 3 backstrap choices to fit different hand sizes. Older Glocks feel like you are holding a block of wood, while the Gen 4 series molds right into your hand. The odd 22 degree grip angle is still used. Glock 17 9mm range performance is very good and the trigger is almost accetable for combat. The Gen 4 feels like it has less recoil than the old model. Glock has a proven durability history and is one of the most popular police carry guns. If you want a Glock range champion, spend the extra cash for the awesome G34; or make your Glock 17 shoot like a G34 with the inexpensive Ghost 3.5lb Trigger Bar. Hickok45 Shoots Glock 17 Gen4
variant: ★ Glock 19 Compact. The most popular handgun in America? The Glock 19 is the same gun as the G17, but shorter on both ends. Four inch barrel and 15 round magazine, with a weight under 25 ounces. Light enough for concealed carry. There is also a new 19X version with a longer grip that flush fits G17 mags. Glock 19 Gen4 Test New Glock 19X FDE
variant: The new Glock Gen 5 models are out. It may look like the Gen3, but it is not. The FBI loved the Gen 4 features, but hated the finger grooves. The Gen 5 is pretty much a Gen 4 without finger grooves. You have the good trigger of the Gen4, plus you can swap out backstraps. He Loves Glock 17 Gen5

Glock 17 Gen4
Glock 17 9mm semi auto
Glock 19 Gen4

Glock 17 Gen5

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5. Walther PPQ M2: $470-$500

Polymer frame. Weight: 24.0 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 15 rounds
★ This German made Walther has the best 9mm pistol striker fired trigger of any duty carry handgun. Use care as the only saftey is the trigger, just like the Glock. The ergonomics are just like the Walther p99, which is perfect. The PPQ feels thinner than the P99 though. Choice of three backstraps for hand fitment. When Walther decided to make a new striker fired pistol, they pulled out all the stops. Before you buy any new pistol, you must try the Walther PPQ first. It handles and shoots so good, it is like you are in a dream where every shot goes where you want it. It is a Walther, so quality is right up there with Heckler & Koch. The M2 version has a button magazine release. The Classic has the levers on the trigger guard. The new 5 inch barrel PPQ (Q5) models are kicking butt in matches! Tip: Mec-Gar Canik TP9 18 round mags work perfect for combat.
PPQ Video Review PPQ In Combat

Walther PPQ semi auto handgun

6. CZ P-10 C (Striker Fired): $400-$430

Polymer frame. Weight: 25.7 oz., Barrel: 4.02", Magazine: 15 rounds
★ This pistol is so perfect, it is boring. It is a CZ, so point and shoot is perfect every time. You don't have to hard-focus on the target like other low bore axis striker fired pistols. No thumb safety to think about. The trigger is perfect with almost zero reset. The P-10 feeds every type of crap ammo just fine. I hit the bullseye about 100 times in a row. Time for a nap. Compared to the Glock and many others, the internals are way overbuilt. One beefy baby! This is why the CZ P-10 weighs a few ounces more than the G19. I am sure CZ is going after the LE cop market with this pistol. Takedown is just like the Glock, and the P-10 fits many Glock 19 holsters. The low price should make the P-10 very attractive to local government bean counters. Two mags and three backstraps for hand fitment included. Also available in 40 S&W. Update: Now you can get 17 rounds 9mm extended magazines.
CZ P-10 C Review video USPSA With P10-C

P-10 C semi auto pistol

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7. Heckler & Koch VP9: $530-$570

Polymer frame. Weight: 25.6 oz., Barrel: 4.09", Magazine: 15 rounds
★ Can you believe a premium quality HK pistol made our list? I have always had great love for HK handguns. One of my favorites was an 45 ACP USP Compact I carried on duty, and could not wear it out. The new VP9 striker fired pistol is priced just low enough to make our list. Even though the Heckler & Koch VP9 is primary for the LE market, it is an awesome shooter for us weekend guys too. It is a good shooter and feeds everything. The H&K VP9 has a great trigger with little takeup and clean break. It is almost as good as the Walther PPQ trigger. When you consider the price of other 9mm HK handguns, the VP9 is a bargain. One gripe is: The VP9 is the same size as the Glock 17, and It should take 17 round magazines. Another quirk is the finger grooves may or may not feel right to you. It depends on how big your fingers are. The VP9 does accept P30 magazines. VP9 prices should drop more once the pipeline is full.
H&K VP9 Review video VP9 in Competition

HK VP9 9mm handgun

8. Sig Sauer P320 Full Size: (Army M17) $490-$520

Polymer frame. Weight: 29.4 oz.(W/Mag), Barrel: 4.70", Magazine: 17
The prices have been falling fast. Sig got it right with their first striker fired pistol. Can you say modular, man! The P320 can be converted from a full size to a carry pistol using a kit. Slide-barrel conversion kit allows the P320 to change between calibers and barrel lengths. Want a different gun? The conversion kits cost from $300 to $399. You can swap out grip frames for hand fitment too. They cost about $46. Glock snobs will hate the high bore axis. Everyone else will love the way it shoots. The trigger is fair and compares well to the older M&P and XD. The P320 is a little heavy for a polymer framed handgun. This is just the Sig way to insure quality and accuracy. Nitron sights and two mags included. Note: The US Military has picked this pistol as the new M17. Sig P320 Review This Guy is Fast! Buy Grip Size Modules
Variant: ★ P320 3.9" Barrel Compact. Street cops will want this smaller version with the 3.9" barrel. I like the Compact P320 much better than the full size. It comes with 15 round magazines. The weight is under 26 ounces! It just handles well and rides better in a holster. Compared to the Glock 19 the P320 is a little chunky. I just tell myself that Sigs are suppose to be chunky. There is also a Compact Carry model with taller grip that takes full size 17 round mags. Great for police, home defense, target shooting, and concealed carry. P320 Compact Review
P320 Full Size
Sig P320
P320 Compact

Sig Trigger Kits

9. Springfield XDm 4.5": $470-$500

Polymer frame. Weight: 29.0 oz., Barrel: 4.50", Magazine: 19 rounds
The XD-m I tested was brand spanking new and the trigger has very little take-up with a short reset. So nice! I could not believe I was shooting a DAO striker fired pistol! It should be classified as a single action! The match grade barrel, two 19 round mags, plus all the extra goodies that come with the XDm are another plus. You can swap out the rear grip panels to fit your hand better too. Springfield pulled out all the stops with the XDm and built close to the perfect best 9mm handgun, even though it is big. It just shoots so good! I was having so much fun, I went through $50 worth of ammo in minutes. Watch out for sales and specials on the XDm. I have seen prices as low as $425! XDm Review Video Combat video
Variant: ★ The handy dandy XDm Full size with 3.8" barrel model is a popular choice for police duty. It holds 19 rounds in the magazine just like the big XDm. I did think the long grip looks kinda goofy at first. However it kind of grows on you. The XDm 3.8 Full Size weighs in at 28 ounces. I wish we had 10,000 of these pistols in 1861 to stop the Yankee aggression. Shooting XDm 3.8 Springfield Trigger Kits

XDm 4.5"Springfield XDM
XD-m Compact

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10. Beretta PX4 Storm Type F: $450-$480

Polymer frame. Weight: 27.7 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 17 rounds
★ NATO Certified! One of my favorite handguns. The PX4 Storm wins the award for the most pretty pistol. Design, fit and finish is excellent. This is a fine example of Italian art. You can swap out backstraps to make it fit your hand better. It the hand, it points and feels like the perfect pistol. The bigger 92FS is a better long range shooter, but the PX4 9x19mm is better for duty carry. Allow about 300 rounds before the trigger smoothes out. I like the common DA/SA as found on most steel guns. With the rotating barrel and poly frame, recoil is almost nothing. It kicks like a .32! My wife just loves this gun. One of the most easy to rack slides! I also had the chance to shoot a PX4 in .40 S&W, and the recoil was only a little bit more. The PX4 Storm is gaining popularity as a cop gun. Good choice for combat too. Have you noticed the best combat shooters have dish-pan hands. Dish washing may be the trick! PX4 Storm Official Site PX4 Combat Video PX4 Shooting Review
Beretta PX4

11. CZ P09 Duty: $460-$490

Polymer frame. Weight: 29 oz., Barrel: 4.53", Magazine: 19 rounds
Having owned eight CZ pistols, I was expecting something special. The P09 I tested was a brand new gun that belongs to a buddy. Compared to other CZ pistols, the P09 trigger sucks. It feels stiff and spongy. I read other reviews, and they say the trigger is 250% better using the included safety lever instead of the decocker. I will ask my buddy to switch it out, then test again. It is a CZ, so it gobbles cheap 9mm ammo all day long. With 19 round magazines, you can really go through 50 count boxes fast. Nice feature is you can swap out backstraps. Update: The P09 converted to safety is just awesome folks. This fixed it. 4 pound S/A trigger! Long range accuracy is amazing. Premium shooter! CZ is gunning for US Army contracts with the P09. Good CZ P09 Review CZ P09 in Combat
Variant: ★ CZ P07 Duty Pistol with 3.8" barrel and 15 round mags. With the new generation P07, you can swap out backstraps for hand fitment. This is just what the P07 needed to be a one-size-fits-all service pistol. The P07 shares the Omega trigger system with the P09. Accuracy for a compact will surprise you. Good for police, home defense, target shooting, and concealed carry. CZ P-07 Duty Page New vs Older Model P07 Video
CZ P09

CZ P07

12. Ruger SR9: $300-$330

Polymer frame. Weight: 26.5 oz., Barrel: 4.14", Magazine: 17 rounds
★ The price has dropped $90 in the last year! I just spent some time with the latest SR9 with the "D" shaped mag release button, and wow! The third release of the SR9 is a winner! I like the trigger better than the Glock Gen3. It shoots worlds better and is very accurate. Zero malfunctions in 300 rounds! The grip is slimmer than a 1911 single stack, even though the magazine holds 17 rounds. It has a thumb safety and tactical rail. The SR9 points like a Hi-Power and the sights are first rate. You can tune it to point like a Glock by flipping the backstrap. The SR9 made the top 15 of our best 9mm pistols site by golly! It would have made more sense to do a makeover of the SR9 instead of coming out with the American pistol. The SR9 is the better gun. For under $24, you can install the Ghost Rocket 3.5lb Trigger Connector and end up with a competition shooter! With the Ghost Trigger Bar, you get a shorter trigger pull around 5 pounds and ready for combat.
SR9 Review Video SR9 USPSA Meet SR9 Trigger Kits
Ruger SR9

13. FN Herstal FNX-9: $550-$600

FNX - Polymer frame. Weight: 21.9 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Mag: 17 rounds
★ Made in USA! The FNX 9mm pistol still has the old school DA/SA trigger with a decocker saftey, and this is good. There is just something about a crisp single action trigger that a stiker fired pistol can't match. The FNX feels very good in the hand and you can change grip fitment with extra backstraps provided. Magazines are tight and take some time to break-in. Keep the mags completely loaded for a week and all will be fine. FNX-9 Video Review
variant: ★ The FNS 9mm pistol is almost the same gun, but is striker fired. You would swear the sweet trigger action came from the M&P 2.0. The FNS shoots about as good as the FNX. The FNS model has been selling like crazy. If I was a cop that carried all day long, I would want the FNS on my hip. You can get the FNS-9 with or without safety levers. At this time the FNS models are much cheaper ($100) to buy. Note: When price shopping, you have to figure that FNH pistols come with THREE magazines! Rumor is the 509 will replace the FNS soon, so watch for deals. FNS Striker Action
variant: ★ 2019 FN 509 is a beefy version of the FNS for the military. Hopefully we will have one to review soon. I hope the hinged trigger does not feel like a trigger with a hinge. The reviews I have seen are good. I have found prices in the $540-$590 range. A smaller midsize version has just been introduced. FN 509 Video

FN 509

14. Springfield XD Mod.2 Tactical: $450-$480

Polymer frame. Weight: 29.0 oz., Barrel: 5.00", Magazine: 16 rounds
This is the 2nd Springfield on our Best 9mm pistols site. One of my range brothers loaned me a XD Tactical Mod-2 for a week. The tactical version has a longer slide with an 5 inch barrel. This is a very thin pistol. Almost as skinny as the XDs single stack. The Mod.2 Tactical is a smaller gun than the XDm. This gun feels very good in the hand. It points a lot like an 1911, and this is good. You can conceal carry in a belly band or IWB holster. It is a combat pistol, so making plate runs are easy. The fiber optic front sight is nice. The trigger is Glock average. If this was my pistol, I would install a drop-in trigger kit and have a bad ass shooter. With the grip safety, no worry about a light trigger. The new Mod-2 makeover makes the old XD feel stone age. I am sure the words "Grip Zone" on the grip is a turn-off for many cops. Tip: Mec-Gar makes flush 18 round magazines that will fit. Mod 2 Tactical Video
Variant: ★ XD Mod.2 Service Model. Cops should just love this one. Four inch barrel and 16 round magazines. Weighs 27.5 ounces with mag. It is almost as thin as my Kahr! No interchangeable backstrap feature, but none really needed. The grip fits small, medium, and large hands just fine. This gun was made with the LE market in mind. Watch for sales and deals. I have seen prices under $400! Good Mod.2 4" review
Variant: ★ The original XD 4" Service Model is still in production as the Defender series. The XD started as the HS2000 adopted by the Croatian military. The Springfield XD has proven to be indestructible. You can find the Defender in 9mm at just over 300 bucks. Wow! I have a deputy buddy that has carried an 40 caliber XD for over 10 years. This year he replaced the recoil spring ($8) after 7,000+ rounds! I tease him about the county paying for all his ammo. Review of XD-9 Service Model
Mod.2 Tactical

Mod.2 Service 4"

Original XD

XD Trigger Kits

15. Ruger Security-9: $290-$320

Polymer frame. Weight: 23.7 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 15 rounds
★ Accidents do happen. This time Ruger screwed up. They built nearly the perfect handgun. The Ruger Security-9 is suppose to be a hammer fire economy pistol to compete with the cheap imports. It is a low cost replacement for the P95 and 9E! You can tell it was an error because the trigger is too good for a Ruger pistol. It feeds ammo all day long just like an used Beretta 92. The Security-9 points good as a CZ P07. It is accurate as the Walther PPQ. How can this happen with a budget gun? I don't think Ruger planned to go after the Glock 19 market with this pistol, even though the G19 and Security-9 are about the same size and weight. If I was the city Mayor, I would outfit the whole police department with Security-9 pistols, and use the savings for hotdogs and 4th of July fireworks. How did Ruger get 15 round mags to fit such a thin grip? Look at the cute little thumb safety! It's a Ruger, so it is durable as heck. Keep the slide rails oiled and it should run forever. My new 2019 bug-out weapon!
Ruger Firearms Security-9 Video Security-9 Range Review
Security 9

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