357 Sig

The 357 Sig - Super Nine!

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The 357 Sig
357 Sig P250

  The 357 Sig is one of the most popular super nines. Mostly because the 357 Sig was gaining popularity as a police pistol cartridge. All of the major ammunition companies load ammo for this cartridge. The ammo prices compare well to the 40 S&W and 45 ACP.
   The 357 Sig is pretty much the .40 S&W case necked down to take a 9mm bullet. What is really amazing is the bottleneck cartridge feeds just as well as the 40 S&W. Magazine capacity for the 357 Sig is normally the same as the .40 S&W.
  It is strange that the 9x23 cartridge never caught on as it would be a better choice than the 357 Sig. The 357 Sig and 9x23 ballistics are very close when loaded to the same pressure. The straight wall shell 9x23 would be cheaper to manufacture. The magazine capacity for the 9x23 would be the same as 9mm Luger; or 4 more rounds than the 357 Sig.

Update: The future may not be so bright. LEOs have figured out the 357 Sig does not have a real tactical advantage over the 40 S&W as the energy and gel penetration is close to the same. Since the F.B.I is making the return to the 9mm Luger, this is another nail in the 357 Sig coffin.

Idea for Military trials contender: USA made Smith & Wesson M&P with the external safety in 9x23 caliber. The 9x23 has 25-30% more energy than the 9mm, plus it has the same magazine capacity. With only an 30 seconds barrel swap, the 9x23 pistol can fire NATO 9mm ammo in a pinch. I guess the FN FNX and Ruger SR would work well too. What the Army pistol trials are asking is too much. In the field, it is best to keep things simple. I just hope the Army does not go the 22 caliber route, like they did with the rifles.

Glock 32 357 Sig Review & Shooting Video

Ballistics Comparison
Note: Ballistics are with factory loaded ammunition.

Cartridge Muzzle FPS Muzzle Energy
357 Sig 125gr 4.4" BL 1350 FPS 506 Ft. Lb.
357 Sig 147gr 4.4" BL 1225 FPS 490 Ft. Lb.
9x23 124gr 5" BL 1450 FPS 583 Ft. Lb.
38 Super +P 124gr 1350 FPS 502 Ft. Lb.
9mm Luger 124gr 4" BL 1150 FPS 364 Ft. Lb.
9mm +P Luger 124gr** 1310 FPS 473 Ft. Lb.
357 Magnum 125gr 2" BL 1180 FPS 386 Ft. Lb.
357 Magnum 158gr 4" BL 1235 FPS 535 Ft. Lb.
40 S&W 155gr 4" BL 1205 FPS 499 Ft. Lb.
40 S&W 165gr 4" BL 1130 FPS 468 Ft. Lb.
45 ACP 185gr 5" BL 1000 FPS 411 Ft. Lb.
45 ACP +P 185gr 5" BL 1140 FPS 534 Ft. Lb.

** 9mm Double Tap Brand Ammunition
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Popular Pistols
Chambered in 357 Sig

FNH FNP-357 (no more)

Glock 31 Full Size

Glock 32 Compact 4" BL

Glock 33 Sub-Compact

H&K USP Compact

Sig Sauer SP2022

Sig Sauer P250

Sig Sauer P320

Sig Sauer P226

Sig Sauer P229

Sig Sauer P239

Sig Sauer 1911

Smith & Wesson M&P

Springfield XD Service

Note: There are barrels to convert an 40 S&W pistol to 357 Sig. The barrel kits are available for most popular brands and models. A friend of mine converted his Walther P99 to 357 Sig and it works great.

Small Sample of LEOs
Using The 357 Sig

US Federal Air Marshals

US Secret Service

Texas State DPS

Virginia State Police

North Carolina H.P.

New Mexico State Police

Delaware State Police

Connecticut S.P.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Tennessee state troopers

Mississippi Highway Patrol

Rhode Island State Police

Montana Highway Patrol

Oakland County Sheriff

Alameda County Sheriff

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