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Shooting Tips & Defense Instruction Videos
Todd Jarret On Pistol Shooting - Just freakin awesome!
How to shoot a Pistol, with world champion Jerry Miculek
Shooting for accuracy. Some tips for pistol shooters
Tactical Tips: Extreme Close Quarters Shooting (Ruger Firearms)
Tactical Pistol Drills - Close Range Engagements
Introduction to Defensive Handgun Training: Grip & Stance
Firearms & Self Defense Training - Military Arms Channel
Indoor Self Defense Training With a Quality Airsoft pistol
Shooting the FBI Pistol Qualification Course with Glock 22

Thinking About Buying A Gun? See This Video First.
Glock Versus The World
Glock 19 vs S&W M&P Compact 9mm
Glock 19 vs New CZ P07 Duty DA/SA
Glock 19 vs Sig P320 Compact Carry
Glock 19 & 17 vs Walther PPQ
Glock 19 vs Springfield XDm 3.8"
Glock 19/17 vs Hot New HK VP9
Glock 17 vs Smith & Wesson M&P
Glock 26 vs Taurus PT111 G2
Glock 26 vs Kahr CW9
Glock 17 vs Beretta 92FS (M9)
Glock 17 vs Latest Ruger SR9
The 8 Best Single Stack 9mm Handguns (G43)
Glock 42 380 vs S&W Bodyguard
Why Buy Gift Cards This Season? See Crazy Fight Video!
Gun Cleaning & Maintenance Videos
Gun Cleaning 101 With Roy Huntington
How to Clean a Semi Auto Pistol - Larry Potterfield
Complete Beginner's Guide to Basic Gun Maintenance
Colt 1911 Pistol Complete Disassembly Video
Cleaning your pistol magazines - Important!
Complete Glock Disassembly by HPFirearms
How to field strip and clean a Smith & Wesson M&P
Gun care products that have always worked well for me

Concealed Carry Advice & Tips Videos
Obtain Ohio CCW Permit. About the same for most states
Qualify Online To Conceal Carry In 28 States. So EZ!
How to get Utah concealed weapons permit (32 states)
Concealed Carry Holster Reviews - By Phil Morden
How use an IWB Holster in two Concealed Carry Modes
Concealed Carry Tips - Range Time with Cory & Erika
Tips When Stopped By Police While Carrying a Firearm
Things I've Learned from My CCW Journey - Tips
Examples of Concealed Carry and EDC for Casual Women
A police officer explains why concealed carry is good
10 Commandments of Concealed Carry - TheFireArmGuy
Micro-Semiauto vs. Snubbie Revolver (concealed carry)


Combat Shooting Match Videos. Fun!
My First IDPA Match - shooting Glock 19
S. Africa: Mix NFL workout with combat shooting. Fun.
Texas State 2013 USPSA Championship Run
Copperas Cove Pistol Club IDPA Match. STI 1911.
Glock 34 IDPA Match Filmed With GO-PRO Camera
Corey Ohio State USPSA 2014 - Limited
Nine Year Old Girl Competes in IDPA Match! Wow!
Shooting the 2012 Idaho State IDPA Championship
Temple IDPA Match - Walther PPQ 9mm
Charity Shoot: IDPA Steel Challenge. Smith M&P 9mm
Asia Pacific IPSC Match - Wicked Tanfoglio Race Guns

Other Interesting Videos
Make Your AR15 Full Auto - Cool Trick
New G2 Research R.I.P. 9mm Ammo. Very Wicked Stuff!
See 9mm Remington Golden Saber 147 gr Ammo Gel Test
Do You Hate Spam? 22LR Vs. 9mm For Defense.
Good Video on Home Defense Firearm Options
Choose the fighting shotgun for home defense - Mike Lamb
JR Carbine Full Review - My Vote For Best 9mm Rifle
Why Stupid People Should Not Be Allowed To Breed. Hahaha!

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    Favorite Gun Review Channels on YouTube
    Hickok45 - More gun reviews than anyone. Great shot too!
    Nutnfancy - Really runs and runs guns through their paces.
    OilThe Gun - Good reviews, great shooting
    Sootch00 - I believe everything he says is true
    RealGunGuysReviews - Short and sweet reviews
    BigDaddyHoffman1911 - Just love his backyard range
    TexasGunBlog - Rusty Really knows his stuff
    Gunblastdotcom - I love the way he talks guns
    FaliaPhotography - You can tell this young lady loves guns
    TheFireArmGuy - His reviews gets me so excited!

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    These pistol shooting videos will make you want to go to the range. People shooting 9mm handguns videos and 9mm carbines. CZ Baby Eagle Bersa Beretta videos Glock Smith and Wesson Springfield Hi-Point Ruger videos Taurus 9mm handgun pistol shooting video clips.